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Oracle is well knows for its robust database solution and many other technologies, and we are Oracle Gold Partner in Iraq, for our expertise regarding building Oracle Solutions. Weather you want to buy Oracle license, or need custom made software based on Oracle technology we can help you do that...

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The company Acunetix one of the biggest international companies specialized in the protection of sites and Its security. And now with the partnership contract with our company, we offer you Acunetix technology and products to ensure your website security and to protect it from attacks and breaches with the company products with the prices may reach up to less than stated in the official website of Acunetix in addition to support services assign to know the problems of sites and easily solve.

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Intel Company is the most world wide known company in the area of processors and servers and computer hardware, and since we Intel partners, we can provide you with the latest technologies and best specifications in the field of processors, servers processors, motherboards, Chipsets, Datacenter`s control programms and many other products provided by Intel.

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